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Tai Chi Just What the Body, Mind and Soul Needs

There are many great benefits of Tai Chi for seniors.  Research has found that seniors who regularly practice Tai Chi are steadier on their feet, less likely to suffer high blood pressure, and physically stronger.  Tai Chi has been known to improve hand/eye coordination, increase circulation and can even promote a better night’s sleep.

But perhaps the biggest benefit to many isn’t only physical – but emotional.  Many seniors are unsteady on their feet and have an extreme fear of falling.  Ironically, the biggest predictor of a fall is the fear of falling.  This fear can be stressful and deter them from participating in activities.  Tai Chi can make them feel stronger and more stable –  taking away that fear and adding to their personal sense of well-being. (

Village on the Park – Bentonville resident, Harryette Graham, will attest to the benefits of Tai Chi.   “My overall well-being has increased since participating in the  class.  I have noticed how  my balance has improved since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  My doctor has also noticed a vast improvement in my overall health.”

Life Enrichment Director, Emily Haley, says “I feel blessed that my class has helped Ms. Graham and our other residents.  It is a gentle aerobic  program that allows all, no matter their physical limitations, to participate and gain strength,  benefit the body and the mind  all without any adverse side affects.

Call today, join our class and improve your mind, body and soul.